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Bộ sưu tập video hướng dẫn 3dsmax – vray cực kỳ chất lượng, rất hay, hướng dẫn chi tiết . File : Video , 3dmax – vray – textures , catalogue tra cứu ….

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19_Post Production : 18_The Tower : 17_Vray Interior Lighting : 16_Creating Old and Dirty Vray Materials : 15_4 Seasons : 14_Classic Furniture Vol.02-ORNAMENT : 13_Classic Furniture Vol.01-SHAPE : 12_Scene : 11_Sofa : 10_ BLEAK : 09_Vray Studio Lighting : 08_Kitchen Deluxe : 07_Creating V-Ray Materials Vol3 : 06_Creating V-Ray materials Vol2 : 05_Creating V-Ray materials Volume 01 : 04_Exterior Visualization : 03_Romantic Bedroom Complete Training : 02_Contemporary Dining Room : 01_Advanced 3DsMax Training – Classic Chic : 19_Post Production :

19_Post Production :

+ Product Description :
– To get awesome images you need awesome photoshop skills! Even a mediocre render can be made to look great if you know how to do it. It’s simply the most important step in the workflow. .
– That’s why I’ve condensed my years of experience in postprocessing 3d renders into this tutorial! This tutorial will teach you techniques for:
– Contrast
– Colors
– Dodging and Burning
– Compositing backgrounds
– Enhancing the image with render elements
– Adding depth
– Adding DOF
– Masking
– Adding Camera effects
– Changing the mood of the image
– Adding Bloom
– 32 bit editing
– Tonemapping 18_The Tower :

18_The Tower :

+ Product Description :
– Large scale projects like this high-rise building present a set of unique challenges .
– How to model everything efficiently ?
– How to fill all the floors with details ?
– How to model background buildings quickly ?
– How to add people ?
– How to add moving traffic ?
– How to light rooms randomly ?
– How to use render elements to composite a beautiful image ? … and so on 17_Vray Interior Lighting :

17_Vray Interior Lighting :

+ Product Description :
– In this premium tutorial (3+ hours) you will learn various techniques for interior lighting with Vray . 16_Creating Old and Dirty Vray Materials :

16_Creating Old and Dirty Vray Materials :

+ Product Description :
– This is my most advanced VRay material tutorial yet . Instead of focusing on many simple , but specific materials , I’m going to show you techniques you can use and combine to create infinite variations of old , aged , vintage , dirty , antique , industrial , etc materials .
– I’ll show you specific techniques to quickly create :
– Scratched edges
– Chipped edges
– Patina
– Polished convex areas
– Leaks
– Splashes
– Dirt
– Dust
– Moss
– Fading colors …etc
– Since following this tutorial requires you to have a good understanding of the VRay material basics 15_4 Seasons :

15_4 Seasons :

+ Product Description :
– This advanced video tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a beautiful exterior scene and transforming it into 4 different seasons !
– We will start with a basic untextured 3d model + topography data and create materials and environment from scratch .
– Once you have your basic scene ready it only takes 30-60 minutes to transform it into a different season , all thanks to a few very useful techniques .
– Here is a short list of the topics i will discuss
– Using SplineLand plugin for terrain modelin
– Texturing the house
– Texturing huge environments using selective subdivisions and vertex painting
– Grass scattering techniques for large areas
– Using GrowFX vertex colors to create beautiful fall trees and frosty winter trees
– ForestPro color map for advanced realism
– Modeling snow manually and with the Snowflow Pro plugin
– Simple but great looking HDRI lighting setup
– Photoshop post-production techniques… and much more ! 14_Classic Furniture Vol.02-ORNAMENT :

14_Classic Furniture Vol.02-ORNAMENT :

+ Product Description :
– I’ve been modeling classic furniture for interior visualization for more than 4 years , In this time I have developed a very quick workflow , that allows me to produce even the most complicated , carved pieces in 2-4 hours . Since I believe it’s one of my strongest skills and there are not many others who can do the same .
– I decided to share my method with the 3D community .
– Classic Furniture video tutorial series are designed to give you all the building blocks you need to successfully model classic furniture with 3Ds MAX .
– This is the second video in the series – ORNAMENT .
– You will learn how to model some of the most common ornaments and build a library that you can use for extremely fast workflow . It can make the difference between modeling an ornament for days or modeling it in a few hours . I’ve used this method in a production environment for years and it’s fast and efficient ! 13_Classic Furniture Vol.01-SHAPE :

13_Classic Furniture Vol.01-SHAPE :

+ Product Description :
– I’ve been modeling classic furniture for interior visualization for more than 4 years , In this time I have developed a very quick workflow , that allows me to produce even the most complicated , carved pieces in 2-4 hours . Since I believe it’s one of my strongest skills and there are not many others who can do the same – I decided to share my method with the 3D community .
– Classic Furniture video tutorial series are designed to give you all the building blocks you need to successfully model and map classic furniture with 3Ds MAX .
– This is the first video in the series – SHAPE. If all goes well, I will continue the series with the ORNAMENT and UPHOLSTERY videos pretty soon . By the end you will know everything you need to know about modeling classic furniture with 3Ds Max .
– In this tutorial I will be focusing on the techniques you need to create and modify the basic elements for classic furniture – Frames , Panels , Moldings , Turned objects , Cabriole legs and the curved shape of a Bombe chest . These are the basic building blocks you need to master before adding any decorations , seats , etc.6 hours of fully narrated video explaining how and why I model these things the way I do . 12_Scene :

12_Scene :

+ Product Description :
– You can study the lights , materials and render settings , or use the models from this scene in your own projects .
– Includes :
– All textures,3Ds max and psd post-production files .
– Missing 2 textures in 3DS MAX File 11_Sofa :

11_Sofa :

+ Product Description :
– Creating soft 3D objects has always been a challenge in interior viz . That’s why I’ve created this premium video tutorial that will show you how I model 3 sofa models from start to finish .
– Here’s a quick break-down of what you’ll learn :
– 3 different sofas
– Base modeling in 3ds max
– Full UV unwrapping
– Detailing in z-brush
– Using displacement maps for details
– Painting a custom texture
– Material setup
– Creating a beautiful rug
– Scene modeling/materials/lighting
– Rendering 10_ BLEAK :

10_ BLEAK :

+ Product Description :
– You can study the lights , materials and render settings , or use the models from this scene in your own projects .
– This scene requires 3Ds max 2009 and VRay 2.0
– A PC with at least 4GB of RAM is recommended .
– All textures and psd post-production files are included . 09_Vray Studio Lighting :

09_Vray Studio Lighting :

+ Product Description :
– This complete video course is packed with information and will send you on your way to creating your own lighting setups – all the methods are easily modified to fit your objects and scenes .
– Once you have the basic ideas down and see how to use them in action, nothing’s stopping you from making some great product visualizations .
– Here’s what it will show you :
– How to make regular VRay lights look more natural
– How to use VRayRt for light and reflection control
– Special tricks to lighting glass and chrome
– How to make a realistic LightBox for renders on white
– How to use color to make your renders POP
– Photoshop tips and tricks to fine tune your images 08_Kitchen Deluxe :

08_Kitchen Deluxe :

+ Product Description :
– More than 14 hours long, fully narrated video . That’s how long it takes to make a high quality production work in the real world for real clients .
– It’s not a super polished piece you would work on for weeks or months – that would be unrealistic to put on video . Instead it is a very good example of a production work you can produce in a couple of days .
– The only little detail I used a ready-made model for is the vase with flowers – the rest is modeled from scratch and captured on video .
– You get 2 scenes for a price of one ! First is the classic , wood version and the second one is modern , chic, black+chrome version .
– I also show you how to quickly transform the scene from one into another . 07_Creating V-Ray Materials Vol3 :

07_Creating V-Ray Materials Vol3 :

+ Product Description :
– If you think you are ready for some advanced VRay material tricks and techniques , this video tutorial is for you !
– VRay has amazing capacity for creating very complex materials . You just have to learn to think outside the box .
– I will show you how to use :
– VRayBlendMtl , Anisotropy Maps , Faloff Maps , Mix Maps and VRayCarPaintMtl for some very unique looking materials . This is NOT for beginners , but it can open your eyes for some advanced methods you can use in your work . 06_Creating V-Ray materials Vol2 :

06_Creating V-Ray materials Vol2 :

+ Product Description :
– You will learn how to create exterior materials like :
– Road
– Wet road
– Pavement
– Stone
– Brick
– Corrugated metal
– Rusty metal
– Tree bark / leaves / needles
– Weathered planks
– Curb
– Concrete
– Wire mesh / extended metal
– Grass (displaced and geometric)
– Swimming pool (water and tiles)
– Using the techniques shown in this video you can create countless variations of these materials to suit your projects ! Displacement map creation from photos and from 3D geometry is also included . If you are using older than 2013 version of 3ds max , some of the test scenes and material library might not open . 3Ds max 2013 used for this video , but the same methods work for earlier versions as well . Some of the included test scenes require Forest Pack plugin . 05_Creating V-Ray materials Volume 01 :

05_Creating V-Ray materials Volume 01 :

+ Product Description :
– This 8 and a half hour video will show you how I approach material creation in V-Ray . It’s fully narrated and will try to explain everything done in the tutorial .
– Viscorbel will show you how to create more than 70 materials , which can be further modified to make countless variations . The techniques I’m using can be mixed and matched , or used to create completely different materials . This video will show you some tricks you can apply to your own work in more than one way . Here is a quick outline of what you’ll see
– Making seamless textures in Photoshop
– Creating bump/reflection maps (including hand-painting a custom wrinkle bump map)
– Creating custom dirtmaps
– Creating all the materials from scratch
– Creating advanced materials with VRayBlendMtl
– Creating custom parquet/tile patterns in 3Ds MAX and Photoshop 04_Exterior Visualization :

04_Exterior Visualization :

+ Product Description :
– After dozens of requests and weeks of hard work , I’m proud to present this Exterior Visualization video tutorial ! I think the results speak for themselves
– In this video you will learn how to :
– Set up cad drawings for modeling ;
– Model the building ;
– Use Batzal Roof Designer plug-in for creating 3D roof shingles ;
– Create materials and textures for the building ;
– Model the ground and paths ;
– Model the grass and flowers ;
– Scatter the grass and flowers with Itoo Software Forest Pack plug-in ;
– Create and texture a birch tree with Exlevel GrowFX plug-in ;
– Set up 3 lighting scenarios – Sunny / Overcast / Night (using V-Ray sun and sky as well as HDRI)
– Post-production in Photoshop to make your images stand out . 03_Romantic Bedroom Complete Training :

03_Romantic Bedroom Complete Training :

+ Product Description :
– Learn how to create this scene with 3Ds MAX and VRay, starting from an empty viewport ! This is a complete video tutorial, showing every step of the process .
– Here are some things that you will learn :
– Polygon modeling complex furniture and the room
– Cloth simulations (Duvet, pillow edges, bedside tables and curtains)
– UVW Unwrapping
– Material creation with VRay
– Interior lighting setup
– Render settings for tests and high quality renders
– Post-Production in Photoshop
– NEW! This video features voice narration as well as subtitles.
– As usual , all the max files, textures and psd files included 02_Contemporary Dining Room :

02_Contemporary Dining Room :

+ Product Description :
– Do you want to know how to create photorealistic interior visualisations ?
– I will show you how to model modern furniture, make life-like VRay materials, and set up the lighting for a daylight and night-time scenes . You will also learn how to make your renders really shine in Photoshop .
– This is all-in-one A to Z training . Every step is shown and no secrets are kept
– Use my experience to boost your skills to the next level and make some jaw-dropping pieces for your portfolio .
– Why spend months looking for tutorials and trying to put it all together , if you can watch an 8 hour video of condensed knowledge and skip a lot of trial and error . 01_Advanced 3DsMax Training – Classic Chic :

01_Advanced 3DsMax Training – Classic Chic :

+ Product Description :
– The techniques used in this video can be used to create any classic furniture . If you know how to do it – it’s easy . Did I mention this method is fast ? The whole scene takes less than 7 hours to model, texture , light and render .
– More than 6 hours of video
– Detailed explanation of every step
– VRay material and light setup
– Making a quick second scene, by just changing the materials
– Post-production in PhotoShop to make the images really POP
– Models, textures and .psd files included
– Why waste months learning these things on your own , when you can go the easy way and learn from a pro with years of experience?
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