Evermotion Tutorials vol.01 – vol.10 ( + ) : Tổng hợp video training 3dsmax – vray – sketchup rất hay của Evermotion. File : Video , 3dmax – vray – textures , catalogue tra cứu…. Đây là 1 trong những bộ thư viện chất lượng nhất hiện nay !

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10_The Archviz Training Vol.02 :

       Evermotion is known for creating high quality, ready to render interior scenes, called Archinteriors. This tutorial will show you the exact process of creating professional interior scene from scratch, using 3ds max and V-ray rendering engine.
All of the process is simply explained in over 10h of narrated videos (in English). You’ll learn everything you need to produce stunning renderings: modelling, creating materials, light and camera setup, useful tips&tricks and post-production. You will also get the project files – complete interior scene (for V-ray with 3ds max) with all the materials, cameras and lighting setup.

09_SKETCHUP Video Tutorial Vol.02 :

       Learn how to create exterior scene with Sketchup and V-Ray. Tutorial covers modeling, texturing, materials creation, scene illumination, final rendering settings and post production. Over 4,5 hours of narrated videos (in English).

Project .skp files are included.
Free version of Sketchup is enough to open these files, however some PRO options are used in this tutorial.

08_SKETCHUP Video Tutorial Vol.01 :

– Lesson 1 – Introduction(software interface, plugins, etc.)
– Lesson 2 – Flat base modelling (wall, floors, ceilling, doors, windows)
– Lesson 3 – Kitchen zone modelling (all the furniture, lamps, aplliances, etc)
– Lesson 4 – Living room modelling
– Lesson 5 – Dining room zone modelling
– Lesson 6 – Bedroom modelling
– Lesson 7 – Bathroom/toilet modelling
– Lesson 8 – Illumination setting
– Lesson 9 – Kitchen zone texturing and creating materials
– Lesoon 10 – Dining room zone texturing and creatings materials
– Lesson 11 – Living room zone texturing and creating materials
– Lesson 12 – Bedroom texturing and creating materials
– Lesson 13 – Bathroom / toilet room texturing and creating materials
– Lesson 14 – Settings for final rendering / post production

07_Evermotion Rendering Competition DVD :

06_Key to 3D Success :

      This eBook will provide you with TOP secret tips of PRO 3D Artist! AND business success!
You will learn to work LIKE a PRO! and will be able to succeed in every challenge!
You will get personal FREE resources library of 3D models, textures, IES lights, HDRI Images and much more!

05_Car4ever Vol.01 :

      The Evermotion Team is proud to announce the 1st volume of our new training DVD series about modeling – Car modeling. This training video will show you step by step how to model a detailed car in 3ds max 6. This is a perfect course about modeling which will show you all the most important functions of poly modeling and a lot of tips and tricks that will help you making your own car in cg. Professional voiceovers made by a native speaker will lead you through all the chapters providing a comfort of learning.

04_The Secret training book :

      This Training DVD comes with step by step creation process of 3 different 3D scenes. It is in a form of 150 pages flash book with hundreds of pics and over 80 videos. Modeling tips, texturing process, uvw mapping, photoshop post production, lighting, and materials setup – all is there.
This dvd also includes a bonus scene of destroyed air village.

03_The Secret FX Training DVD :

      In over 6 hours of narrated videos learn the fundamentals of fx production from simulations to rendering and final composing. Learn how to use multiple tools like Rayfire, Pulldownit, Fume FX and particleflow. All these in one single FX training flash book.
     This dvd also contains Final 3dsmax scene with all the textures, concept arts and lots of example scenes. This training DVD is recommended for intermediate 3dsmax users, this is not a step by step modeling tutorial.

– 02_The Archviz Training DVD :

      Learn how to properly use vray and start creating professional vizualizations. This DVD with over 4,5 hours of narrated videos will teach you how to do it. DVD contains two complete architectural scenes (for 3d studio max) with all the materials, cameras and lighting setup, as well as many After effects and Photoshop project files. This dvd is recommended for begginers and intermediate 3dsmax users.
Minimum system specification: 64 bit windows operating system with 4 GB ram and dual-core processor.

– 01_San Juan Video Tutorial :

      Learn how Daniel Schmid has created an award winning 3D art – San Juan. This tutorial is splited into 9 chapters with fully narrated video in both english and spanish language version.

     This tutorial shows the whole creation process from start to finish covering the following topics: inspiration, layout, modeling, dynamics vrayproxy, shading, lighting and postproduction.

     Complete 3D scene included (prepared for 3dsmax 2011 and V-ray 1.5)
All videos are recorded in 720p resolution (1280x720px).

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